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Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training

Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training Scottish Mental Health First Aid is based upon an Australian course which was first brought to Scotland in 2003 by Betty Kitchener. Since then over 40,000 have attended the training throughout Scotland and there are over 300 SMHFA instructors in Scotland. The current course was created in 2009. The training is run all year round and you can either join one of our planned training groups or request a course to be run dependent on confirmed number of participants. SMHFA is a 12-hour course and is presented in a variety of ways with the participants taken into consideration, for instance it can be 6, 2 hour sessions or two full day sessions.

During the course participants learn how to respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis and learn about the mental health problems that occur most frequently. There is also some skill development in areas such as active listening and appropriate questioning techniques. After the training all participants receive a certificate of attendance and a manual to use as a reference guide.

What is in the course?

* How to apply the 5 steps of SMHFA.
* How to respond if you believe someone is at risk of suicide.
* How to give immediate help until professional help is available.
* What to say and do in a crisis.
* The importance of good listening skills.
* Practice listening and responding.
* Understanding recovery from mental health problems.
* Understanding the connection between mental health problems and alcohol and drugs.
* Understanding the connection between mental health problems and discrimination.
* Some basic information about common mental health problems.
* Self-help information.

What benefits are there for being a SMHFA?

* Most people don’t know what to do in a mental health crisis. Take the course and you will be one of the few who knows what to do and is confident about putting that knowledge into action.
* You will learn how to recognize when a person might need help and the best way to approach them.
* You could save a life by learning basic suicide intervention skills.
* You will learn what protects your own and other people’s mental health.
* You will learn new skills that are useful in every part of your life
* Know how to listen calmly to their feelings and fears
* Give some simple information
* Advise them on where to get appropriate help

Information taken from SMHFA website, found here.


We are part of the Hearing Voices Network based in Dundee, Scotland providing mental health support to all not just those who hear voices Scottish Charity number - SC047597

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