Volunteer Roles

Taking into account that our Centre is majorly run by volunteers, there is a wide range of opportunities in which to get involved in. The list below are only some examples of the possible tasks you can help in:

  • In the Community Cafe, preparing and serving meals and drinks.
  • In the Reception area, welcoming and registering the people who enter the building, as well as, making sure they get rightly attended.
  • In the office doing some administration work, sorting out papers or creating posters for the different events.
  • In the media, helping to increase the reach of our service through the development of our Website and other Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc).
  • If wished, volunteers can also aspire to become mentors as part of our Befriending or Bridging the Gap project, for which they would have to go through some training.
  • We also encourage volunteers who have a talent, such as playing music, drawing, knitting, etc; to organise workshops, fundraising events (e.g. planning or leading a fundraising walk), or lend a hand in the groups presently running.

There might be other tasks not listed above that a volunteer may be asked to do. However, we will in no way pressure anyone to perform a task they do not feel comfortable performing. The wellbeing of our volunteers is of great importance to us, hence, support  will always be provided from our team to help throughout their journey.

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