At HaVeN we offer a wide range of both social groups and support services. These are often run by volunteers or other members of our HaVeN community. They range from group activities such as the walking group and solo or small group activities such as art and knitting, this allows you to join in at your own pace while building confidence and socialising with a wide range of people of different backgrounds and cultural origins.

So no matter your niche, whether it’s a quiet corner with a mug of tea and a wee art project or a bracing, energetic hike you’re sure to meet like-minded people at HaVeN.

We are currently seeking ideas for new activities and social groups so please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have an idea for something you would like to see at HaVeN or would like to volunteer to lead a new group.

Along with our set group activities there are also board games, singing, films, baking, newsletter writing, and a space to read and relax or just have a chat with other HaVeN users.

Schedule correct as of September 2018