Welcome to our new website for Hearing Voices Network Dundee or as we prefer to call it… the HAVEN! Our small charity, based in the Hilltown in Dundee aims to provide adults that hear voices with an accepting and non judgmental safe haven to visit and offers a programme of activities and support to aid in the recovery process.

Our doors are open to voice hearers every Monday – Friday from 10am – 4pm. Learn to play an instrument, design a piece of artwork or relax with a cuppa and some lunch. You might also be interested in becoming a volunteer. We have something for everyone!

Take a step in the right direction… towards the HAVEN!



“We are a family at the HAVEN. Everyone is welcome and no one is every judged. You can take part in activities and support groups with other like minded people or simply relax in the drop in centre and cafe.

We have created a positive environment that people rely on but also enjoy. I would encourage anyone that feels the HAVEN may be for them or someone they know, to pick up the phone and talk to a member of staff, or simply pop in for a visit.”

Rob Burns – HAVEN Manager



Voices to be Heard

An emotional look in to the voice hearing experiences of three special individuals from HAVEN Dundee. They have been so honest and open about their experiences which demonstrates so beautifully, that you are never judged at the HAVEN and over time your confidence can grow and allow you to share with others how you recovered.

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