Welcome to HaVeN, Dundee

“We are a family at the HAVEN. Everyone is welcome and no one is ever judged. You can take part in activities and support groups with other like-minded people or simply relax in the drop-in centre and cafe.

We have created a positive environment that people rely on, but also enjoy. I would encourage anyone that feels the HAVEN may be for them or someone they know, to pick up the phone and talk to a member of staff, or simply pop in for a visit.”

Welcome to the Hearing Voices Network Dundee branch, or as we prefer, the HaVeN. We provide a HaVeN not only for those who hear voices and have or are experiencing psychosis, but to all of those in the community who suffer from mental health issues.
You can learn about the background of the Hearing Voices Network and our own safe HaVeN supported by our staff in the ‘About’ section. If you have any questions or just wish to leave a comment, pop over to contact and feel free to send us your query.

All the services we provide, along with our indoors group timetable, are listed under “Services”. If you’re interested in peer-to-peer support training, Mental Health First Aid or any other training we provide, then nip into the “Training” page.
Our blog will also provide you with updates on our Centre’s activities and with the community we work with hand-in-hand. Additionally, we have included some information on coping strategies that might help you deal with voice hearing, or support other voice hearers.

Lastly, we wish to express a big thank you to the below funding bodies, who help us continue building our great community.

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