HaVeN Community Cafe

We run a wide diversity of projects within our Centre, one of which lies in our wee Café embedded in the heart of our building. Contrary to its modest looks, it actually pays a very important role in the dynamics of our centre.

The Cafe is run by our volunteers who work together to provide hearty food, at affordable prices, to all our visitors. Aside from the customary and beloved teas, coffees, rolls and toasties, we may also offer special hot meals cooked in our kitchen such as soup, stovies, pasta, lasagne, etc.

With the thought of “helping others to help one self”, we encourage not only outside-coming volunteers, but also service users to collaborate with us in the development of our services. The sense of achievement resulting from a dish well prepared, served and later enjoyed by the “customer”, has been seen to emotionally benefit every individual standing behind the counter.

Above all, our Cafe serves to unite our community. Bringing people together for a chat or a laugh, complemented by the occasional tasty sip or nibble.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the organisations that have been working with us by providing the ingredients for our success and sustainability. This way, we would like to make a special mention to companies such as Fairshare and Tesco, whom has also made several generous donations to our services.

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