History and Ethos

HavenPatPat Webster, the mother of a Voice Hearer and a psychiatric nurse, began the evolution of Hearing Voices Network Dundee in 1997, mainly to support her son and to fill a local gap in services for Voice-Hearers. What started as a vision and personal mission soon became a reality. Pat was supported by a small group of helpers, most of whom are still part of the HAVEN family today.

Over the past 20 years, the HAVEN has grown and Pat has been able to take a back seat in the organisation, allowing other to join the team and build on the success of what Pat created.

Today, the HAVEN has six fantastic staff members that support our growing volunteer network and service users. The HAVEN is now a dynamic, user-led organisation, striving to achieve our aims and support Voice Hearers for years to come.

Our Aims

Our Vision is to seek to create acceptance that Hearing Voices is a valid experience. That is, a normalisation of the Voice Hearing experience.

Our Mission is to seek to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for those for whom hearing voices is a valid experience. We wish hence, to give people a safe and confidential environment where they could explore their own experiences, and develop personal coping strategies.

In short, our service is aimed toward building a therapeutic community, where people can feel valued and accepted.

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