Groups and Activities

The group and activities we offer are all based around wellbeing and socialising. Isolation has a huge impact on our community and those suffering from mental health within Dundee. The activities we offer fall under two categories, social or support. Our social groups allows people to make new friends and learn skills.

The support groups are open to anyone with a mental health problem not just those hear voices, unless otherwise stated in the group information. To find out more information about a specific group or getting involved please get in touch.

  •  Men only support group (voice hearers only)
  •  Woman only support group (voice hearers only)
  •  Peer support (completed peer 2 peer training and have shared experiences)
  •  Befriending ( befrienders have to complete befriending training)
  •  OCD support group
  •  Allotment
  • Craft Group
  • Music Group
  • Meditation