Our drop-in centre is helped to run smoothly thanks to our wonderful and caring volunteers, they are the heart of our organisation.  Volunteering is a great way to gain confidence, learn new skills, improve your CV and meet new people. We have many different opportunities availability, some of which are: Cafe Assistant Receptionist Allotment/Gardening Assistant … Continue reading Volunteering

10 Short-Term Coping Techniques

Considering coping techniques, we have distinguished three types, each of which are relevant to one or more of the three phases that voice hearers go through: Short-Term Techniques (Phase One): Focus on extending control over the voices by agreeing new behaviours with the voice hearer. Medium-Term Techniques (Phase Two): Tackle specific interactions between hearer and … Continue reading 10 Short-Term Coping Techniques

Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training

Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training Scottish Mental Health First Aid is based upon an Australian course which was first brought to Scotland in 2003 by Betty Kitchener. Since then over 40,000 have attended the training throughout Scotland and there are over 300 SMHFA instructors in Scotland. The current course was created in 2009. The … Continue reading Scottish Mental Health First Aid Training