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Voice Hearing Awareness Training

The Hearing Voices Network (Dundee) is keen to raise awareness and encourage understanding of the voice hearing experiences, and the impact these can have on those who have experienced voices, visions, paranoia, delusional thinking and other symptoms of psychosis. We also want to continue to promote the message that it is possible to have a diagnosis of a mental illness and live a fulfilling life along with the symptoms.

The Training Team is made up of volunteers with lived experiences of mental illness, whom offer a unique and personal insight into the path of recovery. They intend to provide strategies for coping with the illness, as well as to inform of things that may help or hinder the process of recovery.

We do not intend to replace traditional teaching, textbooks or training methods. Instead, we seek to strengthen and build upon the understanding and awareness students and professionals may have gathered through the more traditional teaching methods.

The training can be tailored to fit the organisations needs and availabilities. The sessions last for approximately  2 hours, and cost £75 for groups of 12 or less people, and £100 for larger ones.

Organisations that have worked in partnership with the training team in the past include:

  • University of Dundee Medical School
  • University of Abertay Dundee Mental Health Nursing Richmond Fellowship
  • University of Aberdeen, Counselling Course Dundee City Counci, Mental Health Officers
  • Pillar Kincardine
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Resources and Strategies for Coping with Voice Hearing

The following are external links and suggestions for coping with the experiences of hearing voices, and seeing visions and having tactile sensations. It is hoped some of these ideas can help you, or someone you care about, towards living positively with these experiences and to maintain a sense of ownership over them.

Remember that you are not alone: Research shows that 4% of people hear voices, this is the same number as have asthma. Voice hearers throughout history have included a great many influential people: religious prophets, doctors and psychologists, philosophers, artists, poets, explorers and politicians.

Manchester Hearing Voices Network

Manchester Hearing Voices Group have created a list of strategies to cope with voice hearing. The list includes some of the following;

  • Don’t Believe What The Voices Tell You
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Use Stepping Stones
  • Structure and Routine
  • Social Support Network
  • Educating Others On How Best To Help You
  • Get Creative
  • Keep a Diary or Journal
  • Being prescribed the Right Medication for You
  • Read And Learn About Hearing Voices
  • Celebrate Taking Control
  • Find Hobbies
  • Music

HAVEN Dundee YouTube Channel

There are many videos on YouTube of people talking about there experiences with voice hearing. Check out our page for some videos that HAVEN Dundee members have created.

Mind is a website with information and support to improve mental health that we believe is really useful. The Mind website gives you an understanding of voice hearing and strategies for coping.

Hearing Voices Network is International

HAVEN Dundee is one of many Hearing Voices Network groups across the world. The Hearing Voices website offers lots of free downloads to help you on the road to recovery.

Free Telephone Support

Samaritans – What ever you are going through, call Samaritans free, any time of day on 116 123

Breathing Space – Open up when you’re feeling down. Call free on 0800 838 587. Open Mon – Thurs (6pm – 2am) and weekends (Fri 6pm – Mon 6am)

Please be aware that HAVEN Dundee does not have any control over the above external websites. If you notice something of concern on any of the above websites, please inform the website directly.

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History and Our Future

HavenPatWhere we came from…

Pat Webster a psychiatric nurse founded Hearing Voices Network Dundee in 1997, mainly to support her son (a Voice-Hearer) and to fill a local gap in services for Voice-Hearers. What started as a vision and personal mission soon became a reality. Pat was supported by a small group of helpers, most of whom are still part of the HaVeN family today.

Over the past 20 years, the HaVeN has grown and is now a registered charity (Scottish Chairtible Incorporated Organisation) . Pat has been able to take a step back from the organisation, allowing others to join the team and build on theccess of what Pat created.

Today, the HaVeN has six fantastic staff members that support our growing volunteer network and service users. The HaVeN is now a dynamic, user-led organisation, striving to achieve their aims and support Voice-Hearers for years to come.

Our Mission

“Relieve the distress of people living with ‘hearing voices’ and other sensory experiences. Promoting and supporting people on their road to recovery.”

The Hearing Voices Network Dundee (SCIO) seeks to inspire hope & promote recovery for Voice-Hearers, their friends & families. Our drop in service is open to all. No referral needed. We are working towards opening 7 days a week (currently open 5 days a week and one Saturday a month, however soon that will be every Saturday) and for the hope that one day there will be a 24 hour crisis centre in Dundee. We offer support, advice, volunteering opportunites, befriending, peer2peer, training and our community cafe. We work closely with other organisation in our communtiy and we are always looking into ways to support our service users and the community around us. The HaVeN is a chairty that is vital for the community and we are all striving to do our best to support those who need us.